Are you experiencing work related challenges or upheavals in your life in general and would like some help managing these?

Or are you contemplating to initiate some life changes and would like support to implement these as efficiently as possible?

Then we at Kortex can help you become more conscious about exactly where you want to go, boost your motivation and, put your resources best to play as well as map out the challenges that might stand in your way.

What is coaching?

A ’coach’ is an old english term for a horse-drawn ”cab”. Just like the coach back then would take people comfortably from A to B through cobbled almost labyrinthine alleys, the coach of today helps its clients getting efficiently and comfortably from where they are to where they wish to be.

Coaching was initially developed in the world of sports. Great improvements in efficiency were seen when the coach stopped taking on the role of an expert and teacher who pointed out mistakes and gave instructions. Instead he/she without any shaming helped to bring awareness to the clients assumptions and specific movements and hereby helped to them discover their ‘blind spots’ as well as their resources.

In the past years coaching has proven efficient in a wide array of other areas and is still being implemented to an increasing extent. It is used across many lines of industry and organizations as well as to create changes on the personal level or in the balancing between work and private life.   

What might a course of coaching contain?

A course of coaching is characterized by being both proces- and result oriented. The coach helps its client to define and clarify his/her goals, to bring clarity on the present situation and possibilities for taking action. This leads to a concrete plan of action – the next manageable step to get closer to the end goals. All is done in an atmosphere of curiosity, non-judgement, trust and with a simultaneous focus on committed active change.

More concretely elements of a coaching course could be:

  • Mapping and concretizing goals
  • Boosting motivation
  • Uncovering resources and personal strengths
  • Values clarification in relation to the wished change
  • Analysis of concrete challenging situations
  • Acquisition of tools to evaluate and nuance assumptions and thinking in general.
  • Acquisition of behavioral strategies in areas such as: Communication, problem solving, time management…

How do I get started or hear more?

If you are curious to know more you are very welcome to contact us by phone on +45 42940690 or through our secure mail or you can book an appointment here.