Booking an appointment

There are several options for booking an appointment. You are welcome to call us on the clinic’s main phone number +45 42940690

We also offer the possibility of booking online. If you click the icon at the top of the page you will be directed to the start page where you can utilize the booking system. If it is your first booking an appointment click “Ny klient” (new client). If you have had an appointment before, and would like to use the online booking option click “Eksisterende klient” (existing client).

Now you will have the following options:

Please note that from 1/1-2020 individual sessions will be 1050 dkr

  • Individual session (1050 dkr),
  • Parent session (1250 dkr)
  • Couples therapy (1700 dkr – 90 min)
  • Family therapy (1700 dkr – 90 min)

Two conditions must be accepted to proceed.
The first is that Kortex Psykologerne is allowed to contact the Danish health system if we believe a client is of danger of themselves or others.
The second is that you agree to our cancellation policy, which in part states that an appointment may only be cancelled with greater than 24 hours notice. If it is less than one day before your scheduled session, you are obligated to pay for the session.

The final step is to fill in name and contact info and if you wish a few words about the presenting issue.

Feel free to call us in need of assistance with booking.