About Kortex Psykologerne

Kortex Psykologerne has closed.

At Kortex Psykologerne you found English speaking psychologists in the heart of Copenhagen.

Kortex Psykologerne was founded by psychologist Helene Kristensen. Kortex’s vision was to create a clinic with high professionalism, respect for the clients and a healthy work environment. Consulting a therapist can be an emotionally challenging experience. For that reason every person was met with warmth, confidentiality and professionalism. Many experience that it can be difficult finding the right therapist, as both personal chemistry and the therapeutic method are crucial.

At our clinic, we only used therapeutic approaches and methods that are evidence based. This means the treatment is scientifically researched and thoroughly tested. The actual treatment consisted primarily of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In a way, our aim was to help you to become your own psychologist, so to speak. This is why we went through all the choices of treatment aspects with you before initiating the treatment course. You were continuously informed of the psychologists’ considerations and the theoretical basis of the therapeutic tools used.